Capital Campaign

Building a sustainable future for the students of ACC!

Making an impact today and for generations to come.

VISION 2020 Capital Campaign is focused on a vision for sustainability. With your help, we can meet three crucial goals: building out the campus with an Athletic Center and classroom addition, growing the Legacy Endowment to provide more scholarship funds, and setting aside funds for future sustainability.

The vision of Alaska Christian College for 2020 is to have the facilities to recruit, care for, and sustain 100 residential students, plus commuter and part-time students. With our largest class in the fall of 2020, ACC needs facility expansion more than ever!

  • We’re almost there, only $59,154 to go! 98.8% 98.8%

As of 6/17/21, through numerous grants and the generous donations of our Board, Staff, and Major Donors, we have already reached $4,940,846 of our $5M goal!


Healthy lifestyles are needed for every college student. This facility brings new athletic options to campus and provides for physical and mental health.


Adding critical educational space ensures that Alaska Christian College can meet the growing needs of students and faculty.


Long-term funding for student scholarships requires a robust endowment. Your gift to VISION 2020 helps double the Legacy Endowment to $1,000,000.


Looking to the future, the $500,000 financial sustainability plan ensures operational stability for years to come.



Basketball is king in Alaska. Native saunas are found in every village. Gyms are the largest and most used space in rural Alaska. At Alaska Christian College, students arrive on their first day and always ask where the gym is. Currently, there is only an outdoor half-court cement pad with one hoop for all students.


It has always been the dream to have an indoor recreational space for the purposes of student recruitment and retention. This facility will add many options for healthy physical activity to keep students engaged during dark winters.


Open first to the students of ACC, and then to the community at large to support the cost of operation, it will be one of the best outfitted athletic spaces on the Kenai Peninsula.

Phase One construction will include a full-sized basketball court, bleachers, an indoor walking track, and volleyball nets. Beyond the campaign, as funds allow, two indoor saunas, weightlifting/aerobic workout spaces, locker rooms, and a large multipurpose room/chapel will be added.

The adjoining 4.25 acre site was a miraculous donation. With volunteer labor over the next three summers, this facility will become a reality for a fraction of the commercial cost.

VISION 2020 Capital Campaign

is focused on a vision for sustainability. With your help, we can meet three crucial goals:

  1. Athletic center and classroom addition
  2. Scholarship funding through a growing Legacy Endowment
  3. Funds set aside for future sustainability

I hope to hear from many of you this year during VISION 2020!


COMPLETED! Alaska Christian College had outgrown its classroom space. With nearly 100 students attending classes each week, ACC had to move into less-than-ideal classroom spaces.

This project was completed almost entirely by volunteer labor and was ready for classes Fall of 2020.

Providing critical instructional space for our growing student body, this addition includes three new classrooms, including a laboratory classroom specifically for Behavioral Health courses. It also added new faculty offices to help centralize learning into one state-of-the-art facility.



VISION 2020 will double the Legacy Endowment Fund providing stable funding of student scholarships for years to come.

In addition, VISION 2020 will include a $500,000 financial sustainability plan providing operational security and ensuring funding for the future.

Consider contributing to VISION 2020 with a legacy gift in the name of a loved one, someone to honor, or adding Alaska Christian College to your trust or will.

Successful, Christ-centered ministries grow through the vision and sacrificial giving of many.

Will you consider giving to provide a sustainable future for more ACC students through the VISION 2020 campaign?


Hi, my name is Jimmy and I was raised in Kwigillingok, AK, met my wife Sylvia at ACC, and we have two young children. While at ACC, I learned that being a follower of Jesus means letting Christ shape who I am; discipleship has always been the key at ACC. In addition to growing in my relationship with Christ, I developed helpful study skills that equipped me to continue on and earn my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education. Returning to teach in rural Alaska has been a dream of mine.

Today, I am an elementary math teacher and basketball coach in the small village of Tuntutuliak. Leaving my village to go to ACC was a big step for me in so many ways; a much bigger town, meeting and living with new people, different foods, a lot of homework, so many trees, and no gym to play basketball. Many ACC students come from rural villages where basketball is a huge focus and unfortunately, the gym nearest to ACC is about ten miles away. Having a gymnasium on campus would definitely help in recruiting more Native students to attend ACC as it would give them a sense of home in the midst of so many new experiences.

Jimmy Andrew, BA, MA
Class of 2008

Honorary Committee

  • Co-Chair: David Helwig, Plymouth, CA
  • Co-Chair: Kirk Leadbetter, Anchorage, AK
  • Rev. Curtis Ivanoff, Superintendent of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska, Anchorage, AK


  • Rev. Dr. Dan Jarrell, Pastor of Changepoint Church, Anchorage, AK
  • Hon. Loren Leman, former Alaska Lt. Governor, Anchorage, AK
  • Hon. Sean Parnell, former Governor of Alaska, and Sandy Parnell, ACC Board Secretary, Palmer, AK


  • Rev. Dr. John Wenrich, President of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago, IL 
  • Scott Torrison, COO of Bristol Bay Native Corp. and Clara Torrison, Chugiak, AK
  • Rev. Paul Wilson, Superintendent of the PSW Conf. of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Concord, CA