planned giving

Leave a Legacy

…and discover how you will benefit by partnering with Alaska Christian College through Covenant Trust Company

  • Include ACC in your trust
  • Complete your will or trust
  • Fulfill your philanthropic goals
  • Reduce your income tax through a charitable donation or IRA deduction, and avoid capital gains tax on a gift of long-term appreciated property
  • Leave a legacy for the future of Alaskan young people at ACC

For helpful information, please contact:

Covenant Trust Company can provide resources for friends of Alaska Christian College as they focus on legacy planning and strive to be good stewards of their accumulated resources.

Covenant Trust Company Representatives are available to assist in planning for:

  • YOU! – thoughtful planning to help identify and achieve your personal financial goals and objectives, plus give you peace of mind.
  • YOUR FAMILY! – financial and estate planning that is fully developed and kept current enables you to provide for those in your family in case of disability or death.
  • YOUR CHARITABLE DREAMS! – assistance for your vision for Alaska Christian College and other benefactors to ensure your LEGACY continues into the future.

There is no obligation on your part for assistance with meeting your Legacy goals! It is not necessary to be a member of a Covenant church to work with Covenant Trust Company.


“My wife and I have decided to leave a percentage of our legacy to the ministry of ACC. We have been supporting this amazing ministry since its inception and desire for it to flourish for decades to come. When we discovered that Covenant Trust Company would do all the work of setting up our will for free when we leave a portion of our trust to ACC, it was an easy decision. Our family, our dreams, and ACC are honored by the choice we made to continue our legacy.”

“We have truly enjoyed working with Covenant Trust Company. We have relied on their expertise and unbiased advice in providing options for our trust. The process was straightforward and based on our intentions. It gives us a sense of security knowing that our goals can be met with contributions to Alaska Christian College and other ministries, Covenant or otherwise.”

“Thousands have invested…

…their lives, their funds, and their sacrificial service in the mission of ACC, to see Alaskan young people have hope and a future. This mission is a miracle – lives are being changed daily, students are provided a strong Christian education, healing is offered to every student through Christian counseling, and graduates are making an enormous difference in their communities and villages. The former Executive Director of Covenant Wold relief told me that he knows of no better college ministry in the USA making a larger contribution than ACC. I agree with him wholeheartedly! Join us by partnering with ACC and securing YOUR LEGACY! Contact us to contribute to Life-Changing Education through giving today or in the future.”

– Quyana and Taikuu (thank you)!

  Dr. Keth Hamilton, President