By logging in to the ACC wireless network or any ACC computer, you are agreeing to the following conditions.

    The college has the right to monitor network and computer usage. The computers in the LRC and lab are college property and any files/data saved on the computers can be viewed by appropriate staff.

    The college reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time and/or suspend a user account.

    Your user login and password (both lab and wireless) are for your use and are not to be shared with others.

    Students connecting laptops to the wireless network are expected to have and use up-to-date anti-virus software.

    It is the responsibility of the user to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements and to assume responsibility for payment of fees for any fee-based service.

    Users are not to circumvent any security measures of Alaska Christian College.

    The ACC network, wireless or hardwired, is not to be used for:
    • Commercial use
    • Illegally downloading, uploading, or peer-to-peer file sharing, copyrighted materials including music and videos
    • Intentional use, distribution, or creation of viruses, worms, or other malicious software
    • Harassment of other computer users
    • Viewing or distributing graphically violent or pornographic materials
    Users should avoid excessive use of ACC Resources, such as bandwidth, lab computers, and paper.

    Do you plan to bring a laptop computer with you to ACC?

    I WILL be bringing a laptop computer.I will NOT be bringing a laptop computer.

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