What You Can Expect For Fall 2020

Coronavirus Information


Housing and Dining

Assessment, Testing, and Tracing

Visitors and Guests

Student Life

Student Life


We recognize that student activities are a core component of the student experience at Alaska Christian College. With that in mind, we have incorporated recommendations from health organizations and university partnerships into protocols and practices for our student activities that will allow for pre-screening, physical distancing, contact tracing and remote participation.


Student Life is creatively planning activities and events that will connect you to campus and to your fellow students, while following the guidelines in place regarding large group gatherings, physical distancing, contact tracing, and mask usage. Depending on the assessed risk level, activities in the community may be limited for the safety of ACC and the outside community.


As a Christ-centered college, ACC is committed to the process of spiritually forming each member of our campus community. During this season, we are embracing the opportunity to find creative ways to interact in smaller groups, through online venues and, when possible and appropriate, in group gatherings.

The ACC Spiritual life team is planning a great year.Chapels will be held on Wednesdays nights at 8pm as well as other opportunities. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be meeting both in-person (with physical distancing in place) and online for additional flexibility. Our plan for the fall semester includes:

  • Chapel services (with reduced capacity to allow for physical distancing) in person and online
  • Small group opportunities (in-person in residence hall contexts and online)
  • Pastoral care and mentoring opportunities

There will be full access to the free support services available by New Hope Counseling whether in person or online using a Zoom type application. You will have every opportunity to grow in your health through this popular student program.