What You Can Expect For Fall 2020

Coronavirus Information

Housing and Dining
Assessment, Testing, and Tracing
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Assessment, Testing, and Tracing

Testing is one element of an overall plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Alaska Christian College has secured free testing kits and is able to conduct tests on campus. ACC will have a Campus Health Professional on campus with regular hours. They will also be on-call during hours when the health clinics nearby are not open.

  • Before lunch or dinner, every student will have their temperature taken daily by a COVID Care Team member
  • Students who miss multiple meals will be checked in on and have their temperature taken by the COVID Care Team member
  •  If a student has a fever temperature, they will be taken to their healthcare provider
  •  Any student with concerning symptoms, potential contact with an infected person, or unknown travel exposure may be required to take a test. If a student chooses not to test, they will be assumed positive and will be required to quarantine. Based on medical recommendations, a quarantine time may accompany the request for testing
  • If a student has non-COVID related symptoms, they may be asked to return to their room and will be reassessed the next day.
  • Students leaving campus in an ACC vehicle will be added to a contact tracing log-book located in each campus vehicle
  • At the level of high risk, students, faculty and staff will complete a daily screening form (following CDC and Alaska Department of Health Guidelines) that will provide contact tracing. This is a mobile-friendly form that takes a few seconds to fill out.