What You Can Expect For Fall 2020

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Alaska Christian College faculty and staff are looking forward to the fall semester, committed to both the academic success and safety of our students during the Covid-19 pandemic. While some things may look a bit different this coming semester, we hold to our mission of empowering Alaska Natives through Biblically-based higher education and Christian formation.


We know that our mission is best accomplished in a face-to-face learning environment and we are doing everything we can to make that possible in a safe manner. With the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, be assured that ACC’s planning is adaptable and prepared for multiple scenarios.


ACC’s preparations for the fall semester include creating a flexible course format that will adapt to changing circumstances with minimal disruption to learning. Faculty are preparing their courses using a variety of teaching, engagement and assessment methods that will function no matter what the physical classroom looks like. ACC is adopting a hybrid approach to learning, where students are assumed to be in the classroom but can watch synchronously (at the same time) from a remote location if a coronavirus scenario dictates. 


“When we talk about the idea of hybrid learning we are talking about designing our courses using a variety of tools and methods which will enable students to fully participate in their classes whether in person or from a distance,” said Lindsay Hallam, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Students can expect uninterrupted learning even as the Coronavirus situation shifts to various risk levels during the semester.”

Along with the modes of delivery, ACC’s preparation will include:


  • Classroom spaces that are set up for physical distancing. Classrooms will have one 5 or 6 ft table per student, and will have at least 60 inches between rows of tables. Faculty will wear face coverings at medium or higher risk levels. Larger classes will be distributed to multiple classrooms utilizing video streaming for synchronous (at the same time) learning.
  • Special provisions will be given to immune-compromised students and faculty.  We are aware that we may have at-risk students and faculty in our community. We are developing solutions to minimize their risk as they return to campus.


Testing and tracing through the semester. Using contact tracing, temperature checks, and testing when necessary we hope to monitor and contain any COVID-19 cases before they happen on campus. We have protocols in place for what students, faculty, and staff should do in the event that they test positive, which may involve an adjustment of learning modalities.

ACC faculty and staff have worked hard over the summer to train in multiple technological resources to allow for synchronous students to feel connected and involved in their courses at the same level as their peers who are attending in person. This includes cameras in every classroom, microphones, as well as expanded online resources and programs.


In addition, every ACC student will be provided with a netbook so that they can easily complete assignments, attend courses, and participate in all learning activities no matter where they are on campus.

Both the Student Success Center and the Learning Resource Center (library) will remain open this fall at reduced capacity to ensure student and staff safety. All library resources may be ordered through Populi, ACC’s campus management system, and delivered directly to the student. Students may also make individual appointments with tutors to ensure they have assistance whenever necessary. 


We are so excited to see our students in just a few weeks and get the semester started. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Vice President for Academic Affairs, Lindsay Hallam, at lhallam@alaskacc.edu.