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Our online admissions application is a simple, four-step process, and there is no application fee.

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Ways you can submit your application:

Apply Online
The fastest and easiest way for you to submit your application is to fill it out online. Note: It is not possible to save the application once you have started. Make sure you’ve gathered all the information you need to complete the application. >> GO NOW!
Print Application

Print a paper application and mail it to us.   >> Download the application now

You can mail your completed application to:

ACC Admissions
35109 Royal Pl
Soldotna, AK 99669

Request an Application Packet
We can mail an application packet to you. The packet will include a postage-paid envelope so all you need to do is fill out the application and drop it in the mail.

Request Application Packet


Admission Requirements


Submit your completed, signed application.


Have your high school diploma, or GED certificate, OR be a current high school student in good standing.


Have a GPA of 2.0 or better and two references that reflect potential for success.

Application Checklist

Completed Application
Fill out your application as thoroughly as possible. The more information you can provide, the better. Be sure to provide us with a way to contact you including a phone number and mailing address.

Please provide contact information for at least two references who can vouch for your potential to succeed as a student. We suggest asking teachers, counselors, coaches, church pastors, and youth leaders. Reference information, including name, address, and phone number, can be sent to

Contact your high school guidance counselor and ask them to mail your official transcript. If you’re still in high school ask your guidance counselor to send your current unofficial transcript.

Transcripts can be mailed to:

ACC Admissions
35109 Royal Pl
Soldotna, AK 99669

next steps

After Submitting Your Application

After you’ve submitted your application there are a few things to take care of while it’s being processed.

· If you haven’t graduated high school yet, have your guidance counselor send us your unofficial transcript.

· If you have already graduated, contact your school and ask them to mail your official transcript to:

ACC Admissions
35109 Royal Place
Soldotna, AK 99669

· If you’ve taken the SAT or ACT you might want to follow up with your guidance counselor to make sure they include your scores on your transcript.

· Check with your references. Let them know that you’ve applied for admission to ACC and that we’ll be contacting them.

· Stay in contact. Check your email, text messages, and voice mail in case we have questions. And if you ever have any questions for us be sure to let us know.

After Acceptance

If you’ve already been accepted it’s time to get ready to come to Alaska Christian College and start attending classes!

· Submit your deposit. Paying your $97 deposit guarantees your place at ACC and gives you priority housing and registration. You can pay your deposit online with a credit card, pay by phone, or mail a check.

· Apply for campus housing. Go to the Housing Request Form to fill out your housing request form. Apply as soon as possible to receive priority

· Fill out the registration questionnaire. If you are a first-time student at ACC go to (link) and fill out the questionnaire. This survey will help determine what classes you’ll be enrolled in for your first semester.

· Complete your health form. Go to (link) to fill out a medical history form.

· Send a copy of your picture ID. Scan or take a picture of your state or tribal ID or your driver’s license and email it to us at