Mission & Vision


The Mission of Alaska Christian College is to empower Alaska Natives through biblically based higher education and Christian formation to pursue excellence in character, learning, and service as followers of Christ.


The Vision of Alaska Christian College is to be the premier college of choice for Alaska Native students so that our graduates follow and serve Christ within the Church and larger society.

Institutional Goals

The institutional goals for Alaska Christian College stem from the mission statement. Each goal is followed by specific objectives.

Effective Teaching and Learning

– ACC program objectives are achieved

– ACC engages in assessment to improve, inform, and demonstrate student learning

Student Success

– ACC students successfully access and engage resources with a specific relevance toward Alaska Natives

– ACC students are retained and persist to achieve their academic goals

Christian Formation

– ACC students are encouraged to develop a biblical worldview and a passion to know and experience their faith in an everyday context.

– ACC is a safe community where students engage in activities designed to encourage personal, emotional, and spiritual formation.

Community Engagement

– ACC students engage in service-based relationship

– ACC preserves and develops strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial

Institutional Excellence

– ACC intentionally stewards its human, financial, and physical resources

– ACC promotes an environment that embraces and displays an accurate understanding of Alaska Native culture.

– ACC assesses academic programs, academic support services, and institutional support services in a comprehensive systematic approach that fosters continuous improvement.