Facilities and services available to students with disabilities


Alaska Christian College works to ensure that every student has equal access to facilities and services. There are multiple ADA restrooms on campus as well as ADA accessible entrances to each building. There is a full ADA suite in the Taikuu residence hall for students with disabilities living on campus.


Students needing special modification for assessment or instruction resulting from physical limitations or learning disabilities must speak with the Manager of the Student Success Center. This includes but is not limited to orally taking exams, having more exam time, receiving teacher notes, and having special seating. Special modifications will be made so that all students have equal opportunity to succeed at ACC. If a student experiences difficulty learning in the classroom or a functional impairment, contact the Student Success Center Manager for support services. The Student Success Center is available to assist students requesting any type of tutoring. For greatest academic success, it’s recommended that a student set up services early in the semester. Your privacy is protected; the Student Success Center will not provide anyone with information regarding a particular functional impairment.